Taveephol About Us

  • 1976

    Taveephol was founded by Mr. Hungjua Sae-Ngow. The first product is sweet peanut candy called “Tub-Tap”

  • 1992

    The factory was officially registered “Taveephol Product Co.,LTD.” as a company on January 13rd, 1992

  • 1998

    We moved the beverage plant to Bang Prahan, Ayutthaya on 100 Rai plot of land.

  • 2000

    The company launched fruit juice with Nata de COCO under brand “Kato”

  • 2006

    Signed sole distributor agreement with Berli Jucker Public Company Limited (BJC) for domestic market

  • 2018

    new products were introduced into the market : Kato Nata Jelly Shake

  • 2019

    Rosella, Butterfly Pea with Lemon, Coconut and Chrysanthemum juice were introduce to the market for an Asian Drink Category

  • 2020

    New Product Yoghurt Drink was launched under the brand KUKURU

Quality Awards & Certificates