Taveephol About Us

  • Vision : To be one of the leading beverage producer in Thailand.

    We do believe that “the true taste can seize a meaningful happifinity (1)” and we are unconditionally committed to deliver “Products from the Land of Smile” across the globe.

  • Happifinity (1) :

    or Happy-Infinity root from, a Thai Alphabetical name, Taveephol means the happiness that boundlessly increase

  • Mission :

    At TP, our mission is to delight consumers with delicious-immense taste at affordable price and to ultimately create sustainable value to our


to rejoice them by the best perfect array of products and to serve consumers with passion.


to understand the needs of our partners and dedication to supporting them in delivering improved performance drives our relationship.


to do the right thing! An internal culture driven by the responsibility to improve and to safeguard, in all we do are assure to be harmless to the environment and community


to treat as free equality. At TP, our employees are not treated as labor, we are under one heartwarming family.

Quality Awards & Certificates