Taveephol About Us

Taveephol Product Co.,Ltd. is the Thai leading company specialized in manufacturing Nata de COCO beverages along with other forms of beverages in many success brands such as Kato, Kool Kool, Hawaii, Maesa, and many more. The company has capability to provide OEM services for any kind of beverages. Our strength for 40th year is to develop any kinds of products in the best quality and safety for consumers. The company also develops and creates the best product based on the sensational innovation. Our purpose is to create customer relationship and business partnership satisfying in the international standard and law regulation coverage, the processes performance and improvement are pointed into this following:

  1. Quality of Product Offering
  2. Deliverables in a timely manner
  3. Helpfulness and Promptness to customers and clients
  4. Insight-driven Creative research and development
  5. Push products to the market in both National and Global destinations 

Quality Awards & Certificates